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Young Businesswomen

Help your clients bridge the gap across careers.

Abstract Curves


The five-piece framework for career practitioners

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Changing Lives (and Livelihoods)

What if… your clients’ eyes lit up in session, often, because they had that great “a-ha” moment? Things just clicked. And they return overjoyed with the work you’ve done together and how it’s already had a ripple effect on the rest of their life.

You already have the counseling skills to work with burnout, depression, trauma, toxic systems, unhealthy relationships, and mounting pressure that your clients likely face.


But there are times when a coaching approach is needed… or a teacher’s… or case manager’s… Sometimes you cannot rely on the client to figure it out on their own.

Help your clients learn how to…


Apply online AND hear back,


Write resumes that get noticed,


Articulate their transferable skills into a new career,


And believe in themselves.



I’m Ashley Cross, a career coach/practitioner/educator with 10 years in the field.


Working with  job seekers with career transitions, resume writing, and interview preparation.

I’ve worked with…

  • under-employed professionals searching for full-time work;

  • individuals, ages 18-60, planning a career transition;

  • members of the LGBTQIA+ community preparing to relocate;

  • and college students looking to start their professional career.

counseling vs coaching

What's the difference between career counseling & career coaching?

According to the National Career Development Association (NCDA):
"The Code of Ethics defines a Career Counselor as a professional (or a student who is a career counselor-in-training) with an advanced degree (master’s or doctoral level) in counselor education..."

A career coach, on the other hand, requires no formal education but focuses often on job search coaching, learning skills on-the-job by working in human resources, recruiting, higher education, or not-for-profits. They may specialize in a particular career field (like IT or finance) or work with specific populations.

Pastel Swirl


“As a 51 year-old student, Ashley met with me and helped me create a resume that is precise and professional. I cannot begin to express what a blessing and positive influence this new job has been in my life. It is with much gratitude that I thank Ashley, for her guidance and help in making my dream a reality.”


- J.M.



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