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New E-Course Launching Aug. 3rd:

The Job Seeker Survival Kit

MAster's level therapists & social workers:
Want to know how to find the "right" Supervisor?


A.Cross Careers, LLC offers a variety of career coaching services to help navigate the job search & other career transitions. We also offer career counseling, which examines how inter-connected mental health & career identity are.

Job Search Coaching

  • Resume Writing & Reviews

  • Cover Letter Critiques

  • Mock Interviews (Virtual & Phone)

  • Job Search Strategies

  • Networking Tips


  • LinkedIn Profile Setup

  • Social Media Strategies

Smiling Businessman
  • Adjusting to a New Job

  • Changing Career Fields


  • Working Remotely


  • Preparing to Relocate


  • Returning to Work After a
    Leave of Absence

  • Entering the Civilian Workforce
    After the Military

  • Other Transitions Within the Workplace

Cheerful Business Meeting

Coaching for
Career Transitions

  • Addressing Job Stress/Dissatisfaction

  • Overcoming Workaholism

  • Recovering from Burnout

  • Dealing with Impostor Syndrome or "Not Doing Enough"

  • Regaining a Sense of Self After Job Loss

  • Setting Better Work/Life Boundaries

  • Navigating Tricky Work Situations

  • Managing Mental Health at Work

Image by Dai KE

Career Counseling



To get the most results & savings from your career coaching/counseling experience, we recommend bundling services into programs. Three of our most popular programs are outlined below. However, we can customize a program to meet your specific needs.


A recruiter will spend an average of 6 seconds looking at your resume... Maximize your impact by having a professional write your resume & cover letter for you.

This also includes setup & updates to optimize your LinkedIn profile, since over 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn.


Ready for a job that treats you with respect AND pays you what you're worth?

This program prepares you to apply for jobs you actually want & impress employers with a professional resume, LinkedIn profile, and memorable interviewing skills.


Have you worked in the same job/field for 4+ years, and looking for something different? Ready to launch your professional career in a new direction, but not sure where to start?

This program is for you. It will clarify what you're looking for and prepare you to change fields.

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