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Helping Job Seekers & Professionals

Thrive During Times of Transition



resume writing Services

A recruiter will spend an average of 6 seconds looking at your resume... Maximize your impact by having a professional write your resume & cover letter for you.

This includes 2 appointments: one to gather the information and one to go over revisions. At the end, you will have a completely customizeable pair of documents.

60 Day Job Search

Are you under-employed and over it? Ready for a job that treats you with respect AND pays you what you're worth?

This program prepares you to apply for jobs you actually want & impress employers with a professional resume, LinkedIn profile, and memorable interviewing skills.


Have you worked in the same job/field for 4+ years, and looking for something different? Are you ready to launch your professional career in a new direction, but not sure where to start?

This program is for you. It will clarify exactly what you're looking for, give you the tools to research the field, and walk you through a tailored plan for taking action.

Who is A.Cross?

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Ashley Cross, a professional Career Coach, has been helping job seekers with career transitions, resume writing, and interview preparation since 2013. She is passionate about helping clients find meaningful work that aligns with their skills, interests, and needs.


Some of her favorite demographics to work with include:

  • under-employed professionals searching for full-time work;

  • stay-at-home parents returning to the workforce;

  • veterans moving into civilian roles;

  • individuals, ages 18-60, planning a career transition;

  • members of the LGBTQIA+ community preparing to relocate;

  • and college students looking to start their professional career.


Ashley specializes in helping clients articulate their transferable skills from one industry (or job) to the next, especially in ways that pique a recruiter's interest. She focuses on the holistic process of a job/career transition, including reframing negative beliefs; increasing confidence in one's skills; making time for relaxation and renewal; managing life outside of work; and creating a networking plan to find/expand upon opportunities not posted online.



"Very professional. Helped me articulate things I could not express in a proper fashion. Provided me with the ideal resume for the job I am searching for."

5/5 Stars - Lindsey H.

Coaching & Counseling
Heading 6

Coaching vs. Counseling

In both of these approaches, clients might be asked to examine negative beliefs and way to counter them; build self-compassion skills; increase their support systems; explore and research potential career paths; discuss transferable skills; and navigate through systemic barriers.

What They Have in Common

How They Are Different

Business Woman Vision
Coaching is...
action-oriented, solution-focused, and emphasizes the present/future.
It is goal-specific, educational, and holds clients accountable for their progress.
The coach-client relationships is more social and acceptable to connect online (i.e. LinkedIn) and in public settings (i.e. meeting at a coffee shop).


Coaching Topic Examples

Resume Writing

Cover Letter Critiques

Mock Interviews

Job Search Strategies

Negotiating Techniques

LinkedIn Profile Setup

Workplace Transitions

On-boarding Support

Career Changes

Image by Pablo Heimplatz
Career Counseling is...
process-oriented and often emotion-focused. 
It may examine past, present, and future;
address more internalized or systemic issues/patterns;
and focus on identity development and increas adjustment/coping.
The therapeutic relationship is more confidential, private, and personal.


Career Counseling Topics

Life Transitions, such as:

Other Topics, including:


Experiencing Trauma or Loss


"Imposter" Syndrome

Adjusting to a New Role (i.e. college student, stay-at-home)

Job Dissatisfaction/Anxiety

What is the difference between Mental Health Counseling & Career Counseling?

Psychotherapy, or mental health counseling, has to do with the medical and biopsychosocial treatment of mental illness or psychological concerns. This primarily includes “talk therapy” and aims to reduce distressing, deviant, and dysfunctional symptoms that interfere with a client’s life. Counseling can either be short-term or long-term; may deal with acute, temporary, or chronic issues; and typically focuses on reduction of symptoms.

Career Counseling is a type of counseling that addresses career-related concerns that impact one’s sense of well-being. This may include (but is not limited to) distress/anxiety related to job dissatisfaction, career confusion, nervousness about upcoming career transitions/changes, frustration with the job search, or loss of personal identity due to sudden layoffs. Career counseling is typically short-term (ranging from a few sessions up to 3-4 months’ worth of sessions) and improves coping with career adjustment or achieving a specific goal.

While career counseling often incorporates techniques and assessment methods from mental health counseling, it is NOT a substitute for the treatment of psychological disorders, grief, suicidal/homicidal ideation, chronic mental health concerns, or medical issues.


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