Working From Home: Free Resources & Tips

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Free Resources

For Work...

1. Appointment Scheduling: Calendly, Doodle

2. Communication & File Sharing: Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack

3. Digital Marketing: Canva, Hootsuite, Pixabay, Unsplash, Websites With Free Stock Images

4. Project Management: AirTable, Trello, ToDoist

5. Video Conferencing: Google Duo, Join.Me, Skype, Zoom

For Education...

1. Create An Online Course: Moodle

2. Learn New Skills: Coursera, Duolingo, SkillShare, Udemy

3. Virtual Learning Resources K-12: 190+ Online Learning Resources

For Play...

1. Aquarium & Zoo Livestream Videos

2. 110 Boredom Busters for Families

3. Virtual Disney Rides

5 Tips To Stay Sane When Stuck Inside

1. Create a Schedule For Both Yourself & Your Family

Kids aren't the only ones who thrive on structure. Now's time to break in that planner from the beginning of the year or use your online calendar to markup your day, just like you would at work. Carve out time for daily commitments, like your morning & evening routine, breakfast, lunch, dinner; then, chunk your schedule based on your activities. Or, if you're someone who prefers to focus on one task for a short period of time, you may wish to try the Pomodoro technique: working in 20 minute increments, then rewarding yourself with a stretch or short break.

2. Communication is Key

It's easy to snap when things get overwhelming. Discuss with your family before things get out of hand and come up with a plan to navigate those challenges together. You can create a safe phrase, or "secret password," that means you need someone to give you space or just listen. Be clear when asking the other party to support you in a specific way and express gratitude and appreciation as often as possible.

3. Make Time For Laughter

Whether it's memes, musical parodies, your favorite sit com, or just being silly: find a way to laugh each day. If you need some inspiration, I recommend checking out Chris Mann's channel on YouTube.

4. Set Boundaries

This is crucial for self-care. If you are getting anxious watching the news, shut it off. If social media is getting you down, unplug for a bit. If talking with your mother bogs you down, limit the phone call to 20 minutes or less and be ready to excuse yourself if it gets too heavy. Also, make a point to stick to your commitments for the day the best you can; especially your routines, meals, and sleep schedule.

5. Get Some Vitamin C & D

Note that I am not a doctor and this is not a substitute for medical advice. But it's important to keep up your immune system and get some sunshine when you can. If you're quarantined, you can't go anywhere, but you can open up the windows, hang out on the back porch, take a vitamin supplement, or replace your lights with smart bulbs that mimic sunlight. I know, for me, taking vitamin supplements & using the smart bulbs have helped immensely with getting up and moving in the morning.

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