Job Search & Career Planning During COVID-19

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Here are some free resources & websites that may be useful for you if you are looking for work, recently laid off, or planning a career change.

Unemployment Insurance Resources

Who’s Hiring Right Now

  • General Trends: Reported increases observed in companies related to delivery, grocery stores, pharmacies (and some insurance companies like Aetna), IT, finance, and teleworking companies

Career Development/Research

Many of these provide information from the same website, Occupational Outlook Handbook (, but in different visual formats.

  • LinkedIn Alumni Finder Tool Once you have a LinkedIn account, you can type in any college/university and see their alumni, filtering based on location, major, and company

Career Advising

  • A.Cross Careers, LLC I'm currently offering free session to get clients started during the coronavirus pandemic. You can choose this to be either a resume/LinkedIn review or a general career check-in, both will give you a list of possible next steps to take. Email me at to schedule a session.

  • 211 Find local resources, including places that offer career advice and other services

Florida Resources

Look to see what you have that’s similar in your state.

Additional Resources

  • 6 Questions to ask yourself in Quarantine:

Free Remote Working Resources + 5 Tips to Stay Sane While Stuck Inside

Remote Working Tools of the Trade

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