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Young Businesswomen

Thinking about a job change?

Consider the possibilities across careers

Thinking about a job change?

Consider the possibilities across careers

Abstract Curves

Therapists and Social Workers can make an impact across many industries, with or without a license.

Alternative Career Paths

Human Resources
Diversity & Inclusion
K-12 or Higher Education
Instructional Technology
Social Justice & Advocacy
Nonprofit Management

Community Engagement
PR & Marketing
Public Speaking
Supervision & Training

What do you want from the next stage of your career?

How Do I Help?

1:1 Career Coaching

Group Coaching (coming soon)

Presentations & Collaborations (upon request)

Consultations (how to help your career/job-search clients)



Not apologizing.


My Values

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging are paramount to everything I do.

I work with clients to:

  • identify employers that prioritize these efforts,

  • find roles that align with their unique strengths, values, and preferences,

  • connect with resources and people who support and boost their identities,

  • and advocate for themselves in the workplace.


Join my online group to share job search and career resources for the neurodivergent community.

About Me

I'm Ashley Cross (they/she)

My Background

I'm a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) and Career Coach who has worked with college students and career changers for 10yrs. 


I work with clients on career exploration, targeting their job search, writing effective resumes, preparing for interviews, and how to create a branding and networking strategy using social media, like LinkedIn.

My Story

I started career coaching in grad school. After graduation, I freelanced, balanced multiple jobs, and pursued licensure part-time. I stayed in higher ed to keep a steady paycheck.

I was on track to finish in 2020...

You can guess how that turned out.

I had a decision to make and chose to pivot.

I became crystal clear on what I wanted and applied within a few days of the job posting.


One resume. One role. interviewed throughout summer and started as a career coach at Carnegie Mellon University that August.

Not everyone completes licensure or wants to permanently work in counseling.

As I connected with other professionals on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, I found many counselors who have thriving careers in other fields.


I now use my career coaching skills to help others become aware of the options that already exist and see the possibilities for the future.


Interested in coaching or partnering?
Feel free to reach out!

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